Updating Oracle VM Servers with public YUM

You can update your Oracle VM Servers (3.x) with the Oracle Public Yum Server. In the Oracle VM Manager console go to the ‘Tools and Resources’ tab and click ‘Server Update Management (YUM)’.

For the ‘YUM Base URL:’, use:

When enabling the GPG key, use:
(Oracle VM 3.x is based on OEL5)

Server Update Management (YUM)

Server Update Management (YUM)

That’s it! Now when your OVM Server needs an update, it will show ‘Yes’ under ‘Update Required’ when the Server Perspective is selected!

Update Required

Update Required

Found at the Oracle Public Yum Server.

Happy YUMming!

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3 Responses to Updating Oracle VM Servers with public YUM

  1. Maggie says:

    I have found This most informative and helpful. Especially the images, this makes it easy for all those who work better with visuals. Many find updating, a daunting and almost frightening task. You have made it so easy!

  2. Phil says:

    When using YUM update via the OVM Manager to the public yum repository, does each ovm server require internet access to connect to the public yum server directly, or is that connection achieved via the OVM Manager’s internet connection?

    I’m guessing each OVM Server requires internet access to connect to the public yum server, but I want to be sure.

    Thank You

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      Hello Phil,
      The settings for the public yum are distributed to all OVM servers, so yes, for the update you need to access to internet on the OVM servers.
      An other option is to set-up an internal http server with the downloaded repository.
      Regards, Ian.

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