Update / install Oracle Linux 6.4 corrupts console in Oracle VM 3.x

After updating Oracle Linux 6.3 to 6.4 or installing 6.4 from scratch will give a corrupt (blank) VNC remote console when launching the console from Oracle VM Manager:


As discussed in https://oss.oracle.com/ol6/docs/RELEASE-NOTES-U4-en.html#idp513536 and Oracle Support note ‘Corrupted VNC console in PVM guests running Oracle Linux 6.4 on Oracle VM’ (Doc ID 1537278.1), this issue is addressed in ‘X Window System Does Not Run in a PVHVM guest’.

Uninstalling the xorg-x11-drv-cirrus guest driver solves the issue

If you uninstall the xorg-x11-cirrus driver from the guest OS, it will solve this issue.

# rpm -ev --nodeps xorg-x11-drv-cirrus

Reboot the guest OS after uninstalling.

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Xming: wrong authentication protocol

Ever had the “wrong authentication protocol” error when using Xming and xhost+ still did not work?

When you are on a private network, you can try using the “-ac” option when starting Xming. Use this only on private trusted networks, because it gives access to everyone.

For mote information on Access Control in Xming and X-Forwarding with PuTTY and SSH, check the Xming troubleshoot guide.

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