Oracle SQL Developer and a SQL Server Instance

Sometimes… as Oracle DBA you need to connect to SQL Server (with Oracle SQL Developer and jTDS plug-in installed).

When using ‘SQL Server Management Studio’, the ‘Server name’ is in the format:


This won’t work in SQL Developer:

Status : Failure -Unknown server host name 'SERVERNAME\INSTANCE'.

This can be solved using the ‘hostname’ in the next format in SQL Developer:


For me it worked :)

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9 Responses to Oracle SQL Developer and a SQL Server Instance

  1. Ismail Mohiddin says:

    Brilliant! Thank you very much. This definitely works!
    Spent half a day almost trying to figure it out!

  2. Rasik says:

    Thanks. After doing a long google search..finally I found this and brilliant and simple.

  3. Jawad says:

    Thanks, much appreciated!

  4. Kalaivendan says:

    Good job.. Thanks lot…

  5. Pavan says:

    Superb. Spot on

  6. Poongodi says:

    Thanks a lot. This worked for me as well but when i connect its loading all the database in the server without database objects except users(no tables, procedures, functions etc.). Can you give the solution.

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      I’m not sure… I actually did this only once of twice.
      It sounds a bit like if you don’t have the rights to show database objects.
      Users are not part of the databases in SQL Server if I remember correctly.
      Not the latest version of SQL Developer of a very new version of SQL Server perhaps?
      Sorry that I can’t help you further with this.

      Regards, Ian.

  7. Aung Thu Win says:

    thanks, now I got it.

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