Oracle Database version compatibility and support matrix

— Checked for relevance on Januari 21, 2017

The Oracle Database version compatibility matrix and version support status matrix are almost mandatory when installing or upgrading clients or servers.

Oracle Database client / server version compatibility matrix

Oracle calls this Client / Server Interoperability Support, Note ID 207303.1

Oracle Database version release support status matrix

Oracle calls this the Database Releases Support Status Summary, Note ID 161818.1

You will be redirected to Oracle Support and you must be registered to gain access to the pages. I did not include the matrices, because these change over time.

Oracle Information about Windows 32 / 64 bit database and client versions

Certification Information for Oracle Database on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit), Doc ID 1307195.1

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4 Responses to Oracle Database version compatibility and support matrix

  1. Joshaw kok says:

    We are currently using Oracle database Ver on IBM AIX 5.1 If we were to update our IBM to AIX 6.1 does our current Oracle compatible or is there any update require.

    Kindly need some advise, Appreciate if you could provide some compatibility matrix for IBM AIX 6.1 with Oracle Database.

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      Hello Joshaw,

      For this you should look at ‘Certifications’ on My Oracle Support. You will see it in the top menu.
      I guess you mean the version?

      When you want to search, choose:
      Product: Oracle Database

      Now when you click ‘Platform:’ it will already show supported systems with a green ‘tick’. Selecting ‘IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit), you will see it is only certified for 5.2 and 5.3.
      Leave Platform set to ‘Any’ and you will get a list of all supported platforms.

      Please also verify this yourself on Metalink!

      Cheers, Ian.

  2. SD says:

    Currently we have Oracle database and AIX 5.3 in Production.
    We have got request to upgrade existing low TL version to TL 12. I need to check the impact of this on Database. Oracle is compatilble on AIX 5.3 but will upgrading TL version give any impact on Oracle ?
    Any change/installation is required for Oracle to work properly?

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