Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Launch

After a nice Lower Cost talk by Mark Townsend and the new Sun Oracle Exadata and Database Machine by Chris Baker, I attended ‘Upgrade to 11g – Best Practices’ by Mike Dietrich, ‘Consolidate on Low-Cost Server and Storage Grids’ by John Abrahams, ‘Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture’ also by John Abrahams & Lucas Jellema, CTO AMIS and ‘DBA 2.0’ by Ed Bangma.

It was nice to see our Whitehorses logo in the main presentation at the Oracle Netherlands 25 years sheet!

More on Oracle ASM Cluster File Management, Dynamic Volume Manager, RAC One Node, Grid Plug ‘n Play, Server Pools, Cluster Health Monitor and Electronic Sudoku Devices…

Oracle ASM Cluster File Management

Besides data files, we can now store Oracle binaries, Application file data, OCR and Cluster Voting Disks for RAC on ASM, including access them via the Operating System!

Dynamic Volume Manager

Access ASM via the Operating System through a standard disk device driver and a mount point. Unfortunately you can not access the Oracle database data files this way!

RAC One Node

The RAC solution for one instance RAC nodes where you need server fail-over, but not scalability. I you need to ‘scale’ to a larger database machine, use Oracle Omotion for instance relocation to an other bigger node.

Grid Plug ‘n Play (GPnP)

Plug in and configure a new RAC node to the Grid by connecting to a Grid Naming Service and let the node configure ‘itself’.

Server Pools

Add nodes to a pool of servers and let policies control capacity, priority, minimal resources and device database and application server resources with roles.

Cluster Health Monitor

Pinpoint Operating System, Network and Storage resource problems with Clusterware and RAC real-time using the new Cluster Health Monitor. Even replay historical data to reproduce failures for those hard to get problems!

Electronic Sudoku Device

As a present we got a nice Electronic Sudoku Device with blue back light… The ultimate Grid puzzle!

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