create database: “ORA-01991: invalid password file” and “ORA-01403: no data found”

Last week I created a new database (Oracle 9.2) and got the following message when the ‘create database’ script was almost finished: ORA-01991: invalid password file.

OK, the database instance existed before, so I created a new password file with orapwd. Trying to open the database after this gave me the following message: ORA-01403: no data found.

What happened here? The trace file didn’t gave me more information, just no data found. The script I used was correct, I used it before to create the same database, so what could have been wrong?

Before running the script I started the database in nomount mode, nothing wrong here, but I started with the SPFILE of the previous existing database. Could creating and ‘nomounting’ with the PFILE the solution? It was!

After creating the PFILE from SPFILE (and a new password file), startup nomount with the PFILE, the create database script finished successfully and the database opened automatically.

I have to remember this next time…

Happy consulting!

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