Booting Oracle VM / Linux (ISOs) with UEFI ‘bios’ does not work

It seems Oracle VM (<=3.3.1 *) and Oracle Linux (<= 5.10/6.6 *) both install ISOs and installed OS’s are not capable of booting when UEFI on the bare-metal hardware is used. I have seen two configurations now where this happened, one using a USB HDD drive capable providing a ISO to boot from as CD/DVD (Zalman ZM-VE300)  and one HP iLO4 (http and local ISO) ‘remote’ booting.

Both times the UEFI boot had to be disabled and booting from ‘Legacy bios’ was the only way to get the ISOs and OS’s booting. The first time when booting the ISO as a ‘virtual CD/DVD’, the boot sequence might be run from the Legacy bios once (and reboot with UEFI next time), but when the OS is not capable of booting UEFI, set the ‘Legacy bios’ mode as default bios when booting the machine.

Somehow this is in de ISOs, we tested a Windows Server 2012 ISO and booted with UEFI with no problems.

*) these are the versions available when writing this post (26-01-2015), but future releases might have the same issue. Not tested with Oracle Linux 7.

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Happy booting!

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