oracle.cluster.verification.VerificationException: [hostname]: [hostname]

A couple of days ago I did a new install of the Oracle Database Software (on a Virtual Machine) and it kept failing. I got some oracle.cluster.verification.VerificationException error, but I could not get more information from the logs. Usually it’s a bit more detailed after the colon, but this time it just said: [hostname]: [hostname].

This morning I tried again, thinking It could have been the minimal install, so I did a basic install, but the result was the same:

---# Begin Stacktrace #---------------------------
ID: oracle.install.commons.util.exception.DefaultErrorAdvisor:37
oracle.cluster.verification.VerificationException: [HOSTNAME]: [HOSTNAME]
    at oracle.cluster.verification.ClusterVerification.<init>(
    at oracle.cluster.verification.ClusterVerification.getInstance(
    at oracle.install.driver.oui.OUISetupDriver.load(
    at oracle.install.ivw.db.driver.DBSetupDriver.load(
    at oracle.install.commons.util.Application.startup(
    at oracle.install.commons.flow.FlowApplication.startup(
    at oracle.install.commons.flow.FlowApplication.startup(
    at oracle.install.commons.base.driver.common.Installer.startup(
    at oracle.install.ivw.db.driver.DBInstaller.startup(
    at oracle.install.ivw.db.driver.DBInstaller.main(

---# End Stacktrace #-----------------------------

hostname: hostname error

Resolving hostname

Hostname… I tried to ping the machine, no result. I added the hostname to /etc/hosts … That worked! It could not resolve it’s hostname…

Happy de Peppie.

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6 Responses to oracle.cluster.verification.VerificationException: [hostname]: [hostname]

  1. Rads says:

    If you’re still persuading this, the fix is really easy. Just edit your /etc/hosts file as root and add your hostname.domainname (IANHVM…) to this file

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      Thank you Rads, but this was actually my solution at the end of the blog post ;)

  2. Don Seiler says:

    Thanks for this post, saved me a lot of headache. My VM hostname is “oracle” so I had no idea what it was referring to. Teaches me to pick unique and creative hostnames in the future.

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      Even if you had use a creative hostname, the error is still silly. “Could not resolve hostname” would have been a better message.

  3. Niraw says:

    Thanks a lot.. Your blog helped me . Never thought this can be the issue :)

  4. Dennis says:

    Thanks, no that is one confusing error message. Solved my installation. Thanks for sharing!

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