Internet Explorer 10 ‘Continue to this website’ option missing

I recently updated to Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 7 64bit) and when I browsed to a website with a security certificate problem: “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”, the “Continue to this website (not recommended).” option was missing!!!

The issue here is that Microsoft restricted access to pages which are using a key using less than 1024 bits for protection. Some Oracle product using websites (including Oracle VM Manager) are still using this!

Oracle VM Manager using 512bits-key

Oracle VM Manager using 512bits-key

Browsing to the site, (which must be done to https in Oracle VM Manager 3.2), gives the page without the Continue to this website (not recommended) option:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate

There is a problem with this website’s security certificate

Less than 1024 key restriction

After browsing around on the internet I found a Microsoft Knowledge Base article about an advise to block the use of RSA certificates that have keys that are less than 1024 bits long… :

To skip all the text on this page to the command one needs to unblock this restriction and for example set the minimum key length to 512; run the following in a elevated command line (cmd.exe ‘run-as-administrator’):

certutil -setreg chain\minRSAPubKeyBitLength 512

Now the “Continue to this website (not recommended).” is back!

Continue to this website (not recommended).

Continue to this website (not recommended).

If you want to revert this change and go back to the default of an 1024 bit key minimum, run:

certutil -delreg chain\MinRsaPubKeyBitLength

Happy continuing!


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12 Responses to Internet Explorer 10 ‘Continue to this website’ option missing

  1. hossein golestsan says:

    thanks so much , i had same problem in opening of EM on IE.

  2. FuzzyHarpyBug says:

    So, it didn’t work for me.

    My problem was, I was trying to access a web-interface on a local server (, and the only option in IE10 was to close the webpage. (worked fine in chrome)

    Tried several solutions and found this:

    The new .website shortcuts created by IE (in my case by dragging the URL icon to the desktop) are complete garbage.


    Delete all the website shortcuts created with Internet Explorer and create your own ones:

    Right-click on your Desktop and select “New- Shortcut”
    Enter the target URL e.g.
    Enter the name for the link
    Click OK to finish the wizard.

    Works like a charm. Just make sure you don’t have a .website extension when you look at the file properties of your shortcut.

    • Ian Hoogeboom says:

      Ok, but this is a different problem. Mine was really about not excepting 512bit certificates.
      I would recommend to check the described problem is really the problem you have next time…
      Good IE10 works for you know.

  3. Leopoldo says:

    Great post Ian, thank you very much.

  4. Doug Brooks says:

    Thanks Ian, this resolved the issue for me.

  5. Ranto Yusuf says:

    Thanks Ian, this resolved my issue too.

  6. Ivan says:

    Thank you!!!

  7. Maria says:

    Thank you very much. I spent ages trying to get to our development server with a “faulty certificate”, got all sort of advice how I need to change this and that on the server, bla-bla-bla… your fix in Windows did the job for me.

  8. johnk says:

    I can’t believe Microsoft .. took me 1hour to gen on an old router and make a simple change.

    My boss was mad ad hell for taking so long and though I am to lazy :(

  9. R says:

    Thank you so much, fast and reliable fix!

  10. wibhaw says:

    Follow these steps to clear the certificate error.
    a. Open Internet Explorer.
    b. Click on Tools, Internet Options from the menu.
    c. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section.
    d. Clear the boxes for: Check for publisher’s certificate revocation and Check for server certificate revocation.
    e. Click Apply and OK.
    f. Restart the computer and check the issue.

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